written by Aaron James

My name is Aaron James. I’m a singer/songwriter, producer, aspiring difference maker and Unapologetic intern. IMAKEMADBEATS asked me to share with you all of Unapologetic’s up coming events, releases, ups, downs, & everything in between, the full experience that is Unapologetic… but through the eyes of an up & coming artist trying to make it in the music industry. Seeing as I’m an up & coming artist, you might be hearing from me regularly…so lets get acquainted.

“Everything I make is ours…top of the world chillin, how my fam livin?”

This is the first sound I hear stepping into Studio A at Dirty Socks Studios, with Keynan “Kid Maestro” Harden behind the console, local aspiring rapper Mike901 in the booth, and of course, IMAKEMADBEATS with his laptop in hand, scheming.

What’s unique about this particular night is there are three members of Delta Vibe, a group of music industry devotees from the University of Memphis, in Studio A along with the headliner for the Delta Vibe Spring Festival “Ascendance Fest”, the one and only IMAKEMADBEATS.












“Let’s close it down”. Session’s ending, which means I have to clean up. Big things are coming, so please stay tuned in.

Come To Ascendence Fest


These experiences have been seen through the eyes of Aaron James, a first generation Unapologetic intern.

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