May 17, 2016

Get Stickers or Get Stuck

written by Aaron James

Don’t Get Stuck…

Apparently, there is a new mission at Unapologetic. I’m hearing all of this plotting and scheming…with stickers….yes, stickers.

Here is what I know so far:
If you send Unapologetic a home or business mailing address via email (link below) they will send you FREE STICKERSMaybe more. Soon afterwards you’ll have a package delivered directly to your mailbox. We’re not the feds and you won’t receive any spam mail… your address is safe here. We just want to send you some cool items.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…use the stickers in your own way. The more creative, the better. Take a picture with how you used it, and tag us on social media. We just want to see what you did with them”.

This seems kind of risky. Coming off the heels of a huge release show and now…. stickers? Ok. Let’s see where this goes.

These experiences have been seen through the eyes of  Aaron James, an Unapologetic intern. For more about him and his music, click here.


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