Story Time
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Hello. My name is IMAKEMADBEATS.

I very briefly thought about having a writer eloquently put my thoughts into words for this page dedicated to explaining our purpose.

I’m not going to do that. Instead, this will be written in a “stream-of-conscious” fashion directly by yours truly with the hopes that you, the reader, can appreciate my aim for absolute sincerity in what exactly Unapologetic is and why it was created. So, here we go.

Once Upon A Time

Years ago I was in high school, deciding where I wanted to college. In all honesty, it wasn’t just about going to college, it was mostly about leaving Memphis. As the son of a Guyanese/British mother who travelled in between divorced parents/cultures often, I found it hard to feel at home anywhere. I didn’t sound like anyone. My musical tastes were always outside of the ethos of what was commonly accepted in those places, but I felt it most being in Memphis. It was like I couldn’t go one day without someone reminding me that even though I lived and grew up right down the street, I was “barely” from this place, and “barely” exhibited it’s culture. I found myself trying to sound and act more “Memphis.”I decided to leave, and love my home from a distance, in pursuit of like-minded individuals.

Years later, for a variety of reasons I came back to where it all started, Orange Mound, the neighborhood I lived in the majority of my childhood. I’d planned on setting up shop and staying in my studio/cave, but something got me out to a couple of shows and gatherings. It was then that I had the epiphany that set forth several major parts of this story.

It wasn’t that like-minded people weren’t here. It was simply that we were unaware of each other. There was more of us, feeling the same way I felt when I left… alone and unappreciated. We’d gotten so used to being misunderstood, that some of us turned to relying on displaying the sides of our characters that were easier to understand and accept. We relied on the parts of our personalities that were more common amongst our peers. This effectively “hid” the real us from others like us that needed to know they weren’t alone. In my opinion, this is why a lot of creatives and extremely talented people left…. to find like-minded people and the resources to support them.

To me there was only one solution: Be Unapologetic, in hopes that our Unapologetic approach would activate and inspire the sleeper cell personalities/musicians/artists/ideas/etc around us. The Unapologetic team formed, dedicating its efforts to being a resource and/or platform for  absolute and shameless individuality. I just didn’t understand why what came from this place had to have a ceiling. Why can’t this place be known for what it’s already known for, and more? Can’t we add to that definition? Can’t we keep adding names in our long list of amazing artists and successes? Can’t we be known for continuing to break rules and push envelopes? Can’t there be a kid growing up somewhere in Orange Mound sounding and looking like me, and it’s not hard to believe he’s from there?

Why not?

I’m not the only person with these realizations. These are ideas I know are shared by countless people in countless communities throughout the world. I’ve seen it. It’s everywhere. We want to help expose that, and encourage people/artists everywhere to put more value in their individuality… everywhere.

The Business

Simply put, Unapologetic is a record label and a production company. We make art put extreme focus in the idea that the presentation of said art is just as important as the art itself. We offer our talents as artists to companies and organizations in need of sound, event, or visual excellence.

Thanks and I hope you have a better understanding of what Unapologetic is. We appreciate you.